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R-Knee ( ezKneeGuard ) RM35 ( Promotion: Usual Price RM 45 )

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R-Knee Ultimate Energy Product with Far Infrared/ Magnetic/ Negative Ion

Knee pain may be caused by an injury, such as a broken ligament or torn cartilage. Medical conditions - including arthritis, gout and infections - can also cause knee pain.

R-Knee : 3 in 1 Therapy: Far Infrared Radiation, Magnets and Negative Ions
RayMag Joint Protector R-Knee is a product specially used for the treatment of joints. These products do not need to be worn all day because the heat generation is stronger than other products. You just need to wear 2-3 hours a day and drink enough water.

How to Care R-Knee?

Use a damp cloth and wipe on the inside.



RayMag关节保护器R-Knee是专门用于关节治疗的产品。这些产品不需要整天穿着,因为发热比其他产品强, 您只需要每天穿2至3个小时并喝足够的水即可。


Kesakitan lutut mungkin disebabkan oleh kecederaan, seperti ligamen yang pecah atau tulang rawan yang koyak. Keadaan perubatan - termasuk artritis, gout dan jangkitan - juga boleh menyebabkan sakit lutut. 

Golongan yang Sesuai guna R-Knee:

Sakit Lutut

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